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Stop training without the energy, focus, and power you need to build muscle and burn fat. The level of intensity of your training is what will separate you from average and savage. So, fuel your body with the powerful ingredients it needs to give 100% every single time you train. Fit Strong’s GEEK SAUCE was designed with all of this in mind, helping you break through mental and physical barriers without the post-workout crash and jitters. 1-scoop combines scientific formulations guaranteed to dramatically boost endurance, power, performance, recovery, and extreme focus, elevating your performance to the levels you deserve!

Powerfully Formulated For Men And Women Who Want TO Super-CHARGE Their Workouts

  • Instantly increase your strength with more reps

  • Elevate your nitric oxide levels, leaving you with skin-tearing muscle pumps

  • Destroy fatigue and train harder for longer

  • Recover faster in between sets

  • Supercharge your metabolism and burn fat while you train

  • Improve mind-muscle connection with our specific formulation of nootropics

  • Jaw-Droppingly-Delicious

  • 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Life is crazy and exhausting, we get it, but that is NO excuse to giving anything less than 100% every time you train.

We all know those people we always see in the gym but never see make any progress… Don’t be that person.

So, stop letting fatigue block you from reaching your ideal body. Every rep is an investment in yourself. Make every rep count!


Well, Caffeine Alone Isn’t Enough

Most of us love coffee, why? Because the caffeine gives us a nice boost in mental and physical performance in the morning.

On top of that, caffeine helps elevate your mood and revs up your metabolism!But what happens every time we drink coffee?

We crash. Now, throw in all of the other stresses of life and that creates a sluggish concoction of exhaustion and sleep deprivation - leaving you with an empty take before you even hit the gym.


A combination of high-performing ingredients that elevate your performance even on your darkest days…

...allowing you train HARDER for longer periods of time, making you feel UNSTOPPABLE in the gym. 








Blast Through Plateaus With Skin-Tearing Muscle Pumps, Increased Performance, & Muscular Growth

Beta Alanine:

Plays a vital role in muscle endurance during high-intensity workouts. It’s what gives you that “tingling” feeling which boosts athletic performance and aids in lead muscle mass production (1). Beta-Alanine buffers lactic acid build up during intense exercise, allowing you to train harder and for longer (2).

Betaine Anhydrous:

Has shown in many studies to improve muscle performance/power and accelerate muscle growth and fat loss. It works especially well when paired with resistance training as it increases the amount of oxygen shuttled into your muscles (3). Betaine Anhydrous promotes cellular hydration, increased power output, and increased intensity (5). Not to mention it additionally aids in digestion and is shown to decrease your risk of heart disease (4).


Potassium plays an important role exercise. When we train, we lose potassium on each muscle contraction. This results in muscle loss and fatigue (6). Supplementing with Potassium ensures you can train harder without fatiguing quickly.

Theophylline Anhydrous

Lung function increases when supplementing with this ingredient and research shows that it also heavily benefits cardiovascular endurance during exercise (7).


Instantly Jolt Your Body Into Action, Rev Up Your Metabolism, & Burn Fat While You Train

Vitamins B1, 5, 6, 12:

B Vitamins boost energy production and repair damaged cells, with no stimulating effects (8). Research shows that a deficiency in these B vitamins may result in a decreased ability to train at high intensities.

Vitamin C:

Having inadequate amounts of Vitamin C can make it more difficult to burn fat in addition to increasing our potential for getting sick. Consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin C helps the body oxidize 30% more fat while you train (9).

Russian Tarragon:

Creatine is naturally produced, however, is burned off during exercise. The introduction of Russian Tarragon maintains increased levels of creatine in the muscles resulting in muscle growth, strength, and recovery (10).

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Caffeine anhydrous provides your body with an immediate boost in sustained energy levels while reducing the “caffeine crash” symptoms (11). Research also shows that caffeine is a brain stimulant, increasing alertness, memory, and motor function (11).

Green Tea Extra:

This natural and powerful ingredient has been shown to increase fat oxidation at both rest and during strenuous exercise (12).


This weight loss ingredient naturally increases lipolysis or fat loss (13). It works by breaking down fats within your body that your body can then readily burn off as energy/fuel.


Wipe Out Mental Fatigue & Supercharge Focus


Is the ingredient to get geeked about. Not only does it help with energy by having a slight euphoric effect, this addition gives you extreme focus and mental clarity to help you stay connected to your body as you fatigue during your lifts. In other words, this nootropic is a powerful enhancer of the mind-muscle connection (14).

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