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  • An Incredibly Powerful Nootropic Supplement
  • Increase Concentration, Mental Alertness, and Memory Retention
  • ZERO Crash and ZERO Jitters
  • Improve Mind-Muscle Connection and Focus During Workouts
  • Perfect for Workouts AND Homework / Studying / Working
  • Manufactured in the USA in a State-of-the-Art cGMP and FDA-registered Facility
  • 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back - Guaranteed





How do I take Focus?

Directions: As a dietary supplement, and to help increase mental acuity and concentration, take 4 capsules in the morning or early afternoon. Do not exceed 8 capsules daily.

Why Should I Take FOCUS?

FitStrong Focus is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world mental stimulants - considered one of the most powerful and effective nootropics on the market, Focus is excellent at increasing mental alertness, focus, concentration, and even mind-muscle connection during workouts.

If you feel like staying concentrated on work, school, or studying is an absolute challenge lately, then Focus is your go-to supplement. Loaded with nootropic ingredients such as Huperzine, Lion's Mane, and Cat's Claw, Focus is an absolute necessity if you just can't seem to stay on task, or you feel like your biggest challenge is dealing with a foggy brain.

Does FOCUS help with Workouts?

Absolutely- if you feel like you lack mind-muscle connection, you spend too much time on your phone and not working out, or you just can't seem to concentrate on getting in a good workout, take 4 capsules of Focus and experience what "tunnel-vision" truly means. 

You'll notice as everything else in the world seems to fade away... the only thing left is just you... and the weights. Focus isn't just a supplement. Focus is an EXPERIENCE.

What other FitStrong Supplements can I take with Focus?

Focus is best combined with Geek Sauce pre-workout - the two have a total of 275mg of caffeine and are loaded with nootropic ingredients to truly hone you in on crushing a workout. Focus can be taken with any other FitStrong Supplement as well.

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